Just Who is Ruby Seppings?

Well she is a mixture of all sorts of lovely things to do with days gone by and a needle and thread...

and she likes Rice Pudding and Clark Gable, Vintage Jewellery and Red Shoes, a good book and going to the seaside... but most of all... she likes to sew... everyday!

Hello there, my name is Claire Player and for the last couple of years I have been writing about my own personal journey in embroidery and quilting on the Ruby Seppings Blog. I have good sewing genes, for sure, but nothing is ever as simple as that. I had a long apprenticeship that began in Russia, continued in Paris and ended in Sweden and included a City & Guilds Level 3 in Design & Embroidery. You can read more about this journey by clicking on the Categories button ‘A long apprenticeship - My story’.

I live in an old school house in the Yorkshire Hills and enjoy experimenting with stitch and colour to create new designs. I hope you like my quilting and embroidery patterns. I shall be adding new things all the time, so please drop by whenever you have a moment and see what is going on.

You can find me at:

I would love to see any photos of things that you make using my patterns, so please do send them to me by email or use #rubyseppings.

Thanks so much for stopping by...

Happy Stitching...

Ruby x